first few hundred yards, the A361 seems to try to by-pass a village called Kilsby, but the village has mounted the hill after it and its houses now line this, the Daventry Road, for half a mile.

There are signs of new building, filling in and filling out this town-to-be.

One street in Kilsby sums up the ethos of the place - Independent Street.

This does not speak of a revolutionary independence, or a craggy, Bohemian kind. These people are independent of means.

The first dwelling in Independent Street is called The Homestead - an opulently restored, immaculately gardened cottage, turned into a town house out here in the country.

Ten years after I first visited Kilsby, the village has indeed grown substantially. It has engulfed the old A361 to such an extent that a new junction with the A5 (a roundabout) has been created a quarter of a mile further South.
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