(after Charles and his unpleasantness), Daventry was doing rather well for itself. Handling the increasing trade between East and West, the town saw as many as eighty long-distance coaches passing through each day, plus local traffic. Imagine the noise, imagine the people, imagine the horse-shit.

One by-product of all this activity was that Daventry became renowned for the manufacture of whips. Not a reputation many towns could boast.

Then, in the nineteenth century, the railways came. Or rather, didn't. The London and Birmingham Railway Company took the Watford Gap route, missing Daventry. A junction railway tried to compensate, but no one was convinced. Daventry was a backwater again.

They had to wait until 1925 for their next Appointment with History. That was when the British Broadcasting Company built their radio masts, making Daventry the largest broadcasting station in the world, and etching its name on the perspex of our memories.

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