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A woman your age, you really should know much better
Falling in love with someone who'll let you down.
You should be out and flying with some jet-setter,
Staying out late and fooling around the town.
You should have changed your ways and walked away from me
This sleepy world just isn't spinning at your speed.
Your kind of friends don't take you the way that they find you.
Don't want to know you if you haven't been on TV.
You should be out and letting the city lights blind you.
Think for yourself and try to forget about me.
I'm going back to find the world where I belong.
I couldn't keep up with your pace for very long.
Now is the time that we should be cutting our losses.
Remember the good times and try to avoid all the bad.
Rather than go in a flurry of insults and curses,
Just realise there's no more good times to be had
Our paths have crossed but we're still heading different ways.
Let's say goodbye before attention starts to stray.
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