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Angel, will you step down from your throne, don't keep me waiting.
Help me find a way to stay with you.
Hope is all my love lives on, don't leave it unrequited.
Save my soul from nights I'm going through.
This should be a heaven but your devils haunt my nights
Days will pass without a glimpse of sun
Shield me from the darkness, come and blind me with your light.
Call me to you, guide me with a smile.
Angel, will you stoop for once below your lofty station.
I find your mountain much too steep to climb
Faith is my salvation, please don't let it be unfounded.
Don't let it fade away with passing time.
We should be together, but a wall keeps us apart.
Built of cold indifference to my love.
Come drop your high defences, come and fill my empty heart.
All I'm asking from you is a sign.
Angel, will you shed your golden wings and join this mortal.
Wear your golden halo for my ring.
Come into my life and make my world as sweet as heaven.
Don't leave me with a lonely song to sing.
I am thinking, maybe you are lonely, just like me.
Waiting for a chance to break away.
Come to me my angel, let the two of us be free.
Come and let me worship by your side.
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