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There was a lady on a horse,
Not a million miles from Banbury
And they rode around a paddock
Right beside the road I drove.
She was very, very fine
And the horse was white and cocky,
So I thought they wouldn't mind
If I stopped to see the show.

Fine, fine lady, straight of back and firm of hand;
Proud white horse, glad to move to her command.
It's a close and special bond -some would wonder if it's wise,
But maybe they just envy the beast between her thighs.

This is the English countryside,
So manicured and fettled,
With just a hint of wildness
For imagination's sake.
We live in towns and cities,
But we dream of hills and valleys,
And in our homes and gardens,
Rustic fantasies we make.

Riding lady, drives a Beamer as a rule,
And her mount, borrowed from a riding school.
But they make a pretty picture for passers-by like me
Like that Banbury tradition - it's about fertility.

Underneath we're all the same,
But that soon gets pretty boring.
What matters are the masks we wear
To hide the common pain.
And the English know this well,
So they take care of appearance -
They treat their homes like castles
As a lord keeps his domain.

Trotting lady, filling out her rural skills,
Even though, it's the day job pays the bills.
She wants to look the part, if the gentry she should meet.
There'll be worse between her stirrups, 'fore she gets her country seat.
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