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City whispered in my ear - said
"Man, you can do anything here,
And you know, the streets are paved with gold."
Bright lights looked good to me,
But the shadows I didn't see.
Big city - swallowed me whole.

Big city took me for a ride,
Up and down, and side to side,
For a while there, it seemed like fun.
But the streets can be so rough,
Came a time when I'd had enough,
Big city - got me on the run.

Well turns out that the streets are paved with cold, hard stone
And for all the crowds around, I am still on my own.
I don't know my neighbour's name.
Big city is to blame.
It chilled my heart and then it stole my soul.
Big city don't care, big city don't mind,
Big city don't know what it is to be kind,
Big city - where love is bought and sold.
Big city don't feel, big city don't cry,
Big city don't care if you live or you die,
Big city has eaten my soul.
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