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Running around in a circle I find,
I step on my heels, I kick my behind.
No matter how fast I go round the bend,
I never reach the end.

Running around in a circle I've seen,
Where I am going and where I have been.
The future behind me, the past up ahead,
I'll live until I'm dead.

It's a circle,
Going nowhere.
How do I know?
'Cause I've been there.
It's a circle,
Like a fast curve,
Keeps on bending.
Running around in a circle I see,
Someone ahead, reminds me of me.
A little bit older, a little bit grey -
What happens? He won't say.

Running around in a circle like me
You look straight ahead and hope to break free
You think that the old ways are over and then
You go right round again

It's a circle - It's a cycle
It's a seashell - It's a shy girl
It is so cool - It's a snow-scene
It's sure thing - It is show time!
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