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She walks in Italian, she dances in Greek,
She runs in Roumanian, climbs Austrian peaks.
She's a creature of her culture - Aphrodite's child.
She's terribly civilised but still a little wild.

She argues in German, agrees in Portuguese,
Phlegmatic in Flemish, but cross in Maltese.
She's slovenly in Slovene, she's tidy in Swiss
She's as Finnish as a sauna, and as French as a kiss.

Europeënne Europeënne

From the Urals to the continental shelf,
She's happy on her own or by herself.
From the Med to the cold Arctic Sea,
She knows exactly who she is,
And who she wants to be.

She eats pizza and paella, and haggis and foie gras;
Crême brulée and syllabub, sachertort and baklava;
Emmental and Stilton, Edam and Brie.
You are what you eat, she says - and she tastes good to me.

Oh, she smiles in Swedish with sly Irish wink.
She's a red-blooded woman who looks lovely in pink.
She's timid in English, she's forward in Dutch.
Responds to attention, she responds to a touch.

Europeënne Europeënne

In London, Paris, Copenhagen, Rome,
This European woman feels at home.
In Athens, Oslo, Budapest, Madrid,
She doesn't do what momma says,
She does what momma did.

She's Guinevere in Gaultier, Brünnhilde in blue jeans.
Marianne in Armani - a queen among queens.
Lorelei in Laurent - Venus in a shell.
Over-dressed or naked, she always wears it well.
Europeënne Europeënne
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