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A rainy night in Swindon,
Driving in my car.
Nothing much for me to do,
Not planning to go very far.
The street reflects the street-lights
Not many people about.
Just about to head for home
And then I found - the Magic Roundabout.

A stone's throw from the County ground
And the Fire Brigade HQ
These interlocking circles
Lie waiting for me and you.
We enter without thinking,
Our progress never in doubt.
Pretty soon we realise
We're trapped - on the Magic Roundabout.

We go round and around till we're back where we started
But we never give up - we are never down-hearted.
We go round and around till we're back here again
And it all happened when I found - the Magic Roundabout
There's a motorway to London,
A railway by Brunel.
You can travel on the Ridgeway,
Or the Thames & Avon Canal.
None of these will help you
Till you find the right way out.
You could drive around forever
And spend your life - on the Magic Roundabout.


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