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Naked on the rug she lay,
Fondling the fur at finger's end.
Looking sly and smug she lay,
Hiding something I could not comprehend.
She was a naughty girl, she had me in a whirl,
And she offered a share in her game.
She could suck me dry and she needn't say why,
I was drawn like a moth to the flame.
Flying through her eyes I fell,
Grasping at the straw that was her hair.
Gasping with surprise I fell,
Wond'ring how I ever came to be there.
So we spent the night in a blaze of delight,
As we rolled around in a heap.
Then the fire died and I fell to her side,
And we drifted down into sleep
Morning came and we awoke,
Tangled like the vine upon the cane.
Smiles were passed, but neither spoke.
Both of us were spent from the heat of the flame.
Making plans to meet, we emerged to the street,
And we went our own separate ways.
But the dream remained; I could never explain
The smile I carried for days.
Life went on and time passed by,
Plans to meet were vague and unfulfilled.
Could have searched but didn't try,
Though that night remains a part of me still.
When I saw her next, she was looking her best,
But another man held her eye.
I had no regrets, 'cause I'd never forget
The memory wouldn't die.
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