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Guess I'll wait a little longer,
'Fore I find somebody new.
Wait until I'm feeling stronger,
And I can go on without you.
But your ghost just can't be laid.
Memories don't seem to fade
Guess I'll have to find another,
Now I know that you are gone.
You have set the highest standards,
For my second love to reach.
Must have taken you for granted -
Another pebble on the beach.
Should have tried to treat you right,
Never let you leave my sight.
So I've lost you now forever,
Free to play the field again.
She will have to be a beauty.
You gave me a taste for that.
Fill the space that you left in me,
In the good times that we had.
Time will come to start again,
And rebuild what we had when,
You were near me and I held you
Close beside me in the night.
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