I Love to Watch You SleepStrum's Songs - index
Between the night,
And busy morning,
A growing light
Illuminates the room.
I am awake,
But you still slumber.
‘Fore morning breaks
To chase away the moon.
I love to watch you lie,
Your hair in disarray,
The light across your face,
Your breathing soft and low.
I love to watch you sleep.
Within your dreams,
A secret moment.
Adventure seems
To roam across your brow.
I wonder who
Shares your dreaming.
Am I with you,
As close as I am now?
I love to watch your face,
The down upon your neck,
The swelling of your breast,
The pulse against your skin.
I love to watch you sleep.
Wordless sounds,
Out of the quiet –
Sighs and moans,
That funny noise you make.
You toss your head,
And stretch your body.
You shake the bed
Just before you wake.
I love to hear you breathe,
The rhythm of your heart,
The pillow in your fist,
The bedclothes on the floor.
I love to watch you sleep.
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