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Yes, you… made me what I am today -
A broken-down old drunkard at the bar.
Yes and you… taught me how to live this way.
If I ain't hit the bottom, then it can't be far.
You've planned to make yourself the Queen of Nashville.
Your name's on every record from the South.
And it's just for your career that you still need me.
I'm the man they write the country songs about.
The man they write the country songs about.
Yes, you… you keep me well supplied,
With good Kentucky bourbon and strong beer.
Cause you… you want it cut and dried,
To keep the message simple and the image clear.
You have cut me off from everything of beauty,
To fit the sad and whining country sound.
Through customs my poor liver carries duty.
I'm the man…etc.
Last week you left me fifteen times
You said you had to get the rhyme right.
Oh, I… used to be a righteous man,
But you threw our family bible in the dirt.
Yes I have my way of living planned,
Cocaine and marijuana - they won't ever stop the hurt.
You make me drink such goddammed awful coffee,
And chillis that would burn the devil's mouth
Just everything I do is worked out for me,
I'm the man… etc.
You sold my dog to RCA
He's doing shows now in Las Vegas.
Oh, when… will my shame and ruin end,
And I can have some peace of mind and rest?
And when will you lay down your golden pen?
Must I forever hang my weary head upon my breast?
I want to live in New Rochelle, New Jersey.
A little home like all the ones around.
It's just a dream, I know you'll never let me.
I'm the man… etc.
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