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Billions of stars roll across the sky.
They say there are more, too far for the eye.
While the shooting stars burn and galaxies turn,
The centre of my universe is you.

Sub-nuclear physics can do you some harm,
But even the lowliest quark has its charm.
Now the tiniest thing is a vibrating string,
And it's playing a serenade to you.

They say that love makes the world go round,
But science says, it ain't so.
Attraction of bodies explains it all...
But what do they know?
Human behaviour is a curious thing.
Hormonal disturbance can make our moods swings.
Our lives can be bent, by a childhood event,
But the core of my being is you.

For millions of years evolution has run;
Some species have lost, some species have won.
And that old selfish gene, don't care where it's been,
But it reaches perfection in you.

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