Stones & Bones

litter the landscape through which this road - the A361 - passes.

In some places, humans have gathered these stones into rings, avenues, tombs and other mysterious structures. These megaliths (big stones) retain a fascination for many people. Perhaps they're trying to connect with other humans from another, stranger time. Perhaps they're trying to find some message from our ancestors. Perhaps they just like an excuse to go for a walk in the country.

There are a lot of sites on the Web devoted to stones and things. Indeed, before the internet, many of these people thought they were strange solitary obsessives, not realising there were thousands like them.

Herewith, a listing of the major points of interest. I hope that those who visit in this way may find other parts of the site of value. There have been one or two developments since the neolithic, y'know.

Avebury Monument, Wiltshire
Time Travel, A Very Big Affair, The Longest Road, Avebury Chronology, Avebury photographs
Also, I have a couple of songs, inspired by Avebury - Stones of Avebury and The Longest Road
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