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These pages contain advice and guidance on using the Internet and the World-Wide Web - with special relevance to businesses (large and small) considering this new medium.

You won't find any tips on coding, or systems design. You will find some things you should be thinking about before you write a single line of code.

Note: These Webbery pages are severely out of date - they're almost historic artifacts. Still, I'm leaving them here (with this added warning) to remind people that this Web thing was once bleeding edge tech.

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What's the Internet For? What will/won't work
The Home Invaders - Doorstepping in the digital Age
The Browser Wars - and the collateral damage

Webbing for Beginners I - Planning your first web-site.
Webbing for Beginners II - The Bricks & Mortar of a Web-Site.
Making an Intranet - Think big, start small Are You Sure You Don't Know? - Researching via the Web.

Don't Forget Winona - The price of ignoring the Internet.
Don't Go Near the 'Net - if your company is already full of holes

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