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David Craig ("This is the best photo he could find?")I wrote for a living - software manuals, procedural manuals, intranet/internet websites, help-files.

Like thousands of others, I wanted to write novels/screenplays/polemics. I bought a computer to write on and discovered a whole new range of displacement activities - to put off the moment when I'd have to try to fill a blank screen ("maybe I'd write better if the screen were light green...", "perhaps if I tried this new piece of software...", "maybe I could write a macro to do this...").

Ah! Such promise... In the end, I found I could get paid for my displacement activity - exploiting my experience in using computers by acting as an interpreter between those who write the software and those who use it - but not for my novels/screenplays/polemics.

But when the World Wide Web emerged, various projects began to converge with the "day-job", enabling me to indulge in the kind of writing I enjoy. I hope you will enjoy reading it.

I write songs, too. At one time, I had a little band (called "The People", would you believe?). It's from music that I get my on-line "handle" - Strum

Now I'm presenting some of my songs - for singers, musicians, publishers, producers - whoever may be able to put them to use. I've replaced the band with MIDI electronics - far fewer arguments.

There are words and (MP3) music at

Strum's SONGS for SALE
Strum's SONGS

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